Church of England Primary School

Important update on school measures regarding Coronavirus

Dear Parent

The staff have worked hard to organise and prepare a number of events throughout the remainder of the spring term which were planned to enhance our children’s learning and/or to involve our school community in enjoyable experiences.
Whilst we were looking forward to putting these plans into action, we need to take into consideration the fact that the Coronavirus situation is changing on an almost daily basis.
We have evaluated the precautions we already have in place at school and considered any further measures we could take in order to minimise risk to our pupils, their families and staff.
Therefore, for the remainder of this half-term (16th March – 3rd April), our pupils will not attend any planned off-site trips and events at school involving groups of individuals.
I understand that this may be disappointing for some of our pupils but it ensures that we have taken steps to minimise potential infection whilst the children are in our care. We will endeavour to continue with as many of the planned events on a slightly smaller scale on the school-site with the children.
The events and trips which are now cancelled (some of which we hope to reschedule) are:-
Wed 18th March – High Five netball 3-5pm
Thursday 19th March – Mummies Treat Afternoon 3 -3.30pm
Friday 20th March – Shakespeare performance 9.15am (Classes 3 and 4) and World Storytelling Day 2.30 – 3.30pm (Classes 1 and 2)
Parent Consultations – Wed 1st April and Thurs 2nd April (now rescheduled to Wed 22nd and Thurs 23rd April)
Friday 3rd April – Easter service 9.15am
We thank you for your support and understanding,
Mrs Briggs