Church of England Primary School

Coronavirus – School Measures & Advice

Dear Parent


As you will be aware, the government announced yesterday that UK schools will close at the end of Friday until further notice. Schools will remain open for children of key workers and vulnerable pupils. 

At this moment in time, the definition of ‘ key worker’ is unknown and we are hoping for more clarification on this later today. Even though we have little information to plan from, childcare for these identified groups of pupils will be provided from Monday.  More details to follow on this!


As we gather our thoughts and adjust to a new chapter beyond tomorrow, it will be important for the children (and for us!) to maintain a sense of purpose and some normality during this very unsettled and surreal period in our lives. The staff have endeavoured to sustain a thread of normality through the teaching material they have prepared for the children after closure. Work already covered in the children’s lessons is being continued from this week in to next, and there should be no surprises on Monday morning! The children in Classes 2, 3 and 4 are able to collaborate and communicate with each other and their teacher through Google Stream within Google Classroom and we are hoping that this will also provide a safe platform for this type of interaction which can be lost at a time when we no longer gather at school.


Google Classroom Parent Support

There is now a Home Learning tab on the home page of the school website and this hosts a number of useful general learning resources including tutorial clips to navigate you through the processes of logging on to your Google account and using Google Classroom.


It is possible to access Google Classroom on Apple devices such as ipads and iphones,  and on android phones, tablets and desktop machines. Please let us know if you are unable to provide a device for your child to use or if you are having difficulty accessing


During the closure, please remember that myself and each staff member is accessible through email (email addresses given out in previous letter) and we would be delighted to help with any queries you may have. The staff and I are extremely grateful for the support and understanding shown by our parents in the past few weeks, and, as a Head Teacher, I feel very proud and humbled by the diligence of our staff, which is particularly evident at this time. 


We will send you an email when there are updates or an announcement of school re-opening, and these will be posted on the school website in the Latest News tab.


During these uncertain times, we have every reason to rely on our school values of Faith, Courage and Love – let’s offer these to each other and hold on to them for ourselves.


Take care, 

Mrs Briggs