Collective Worship Committee

What is the Collective Worship Committee? 

Roecliffe C of E Primary School has a pupil committee who aim to make collective worship engaging for their peers. The committee is responsible for working with the teachers in selecting hymns and music, deciding which themes to cover and leading the whole school in prayer.Through writing prayers, choosing music, creating presentations, evaluating collective worship in school and researching themes, committee members play a crucial role in the continuing improvement of our Church School.

Who can join the Collective Worship Committee?

Anyone is welcome to apply - written applications should be completed in School on Monday 17th September 2018

If I join the Collective Worship Committee how much time will I need to give?

 At the start of every half term the Collective Worship for that half term is planned. You will join the Collective Worship Leader in School, to choose themes and decide how the School could be involved, everything from songs to games and activities!

What shall I do if I want to apply?

Ask Mrs Palmer or Mrs Jones for an application form.

Applications must be handed to Mrs Jones in the Office

CLICK HERE for an information on the Collective Worship Committee

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