Church of England Primary School


At Roecliffe CofE Primary School we believe that every child should have access to high quality mathematics education and develop curiosity about the subject. We provide full coverage of the national curriculum and we take our purpose and aims from the National Curriculum 2014:

  • become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics
  • reason mathematically by following a line of enquiry
  • can solve problems by applying their mathematical knowledge to a variety of problems

We aim for our children to find mathematics challenging, yet rewarding. We provide children with opportunities to explore their mathematical understanding through a variety of concrete, pictorial and abstract challenges which deepen their conceptual understanding. This concrete, pictorial, abstract approach can be seen on our learning walls to help scaffold the children’s learning. We are working closely with the Yorkshire Ridings Maths Hub to develop a mastery approach which enables all children to explain their mathematical thinking. Our mastery approach provides children with deep, long-term and transferable knowledge and skills. This is explored through a range of fluency, problem solving and reasoning activities.

Mathematics is taught daily and cross curricular links are made wherever possible to consolidate learning and transfer skills.

Click here to view the Mathematics National Curriculum.

Maths in our Environment!

We place emphasis on maths being ‘real world’ learning and useful to everyday life. Throughout each maths unit, links are made to real life experiences and children are encouraged to think about how they will apply the skill to an everyday scenario.

We set the children a challenge! They found maths in and around their homes. We had a fantastic response and here are some examples: telling the time, using money to pay (and calculating change), dividing baking into thirds, calculating how long a ham must be cooked, depending on it’s weight, and playing music!

How Mathematics is Taught:


In the Early Years Foundation Stage at Roecliffe CE Primary School children are given creative opportunities to develop their mathematical knowledge and spark curiosity and interest for the subject.

Mathematics is taught discretely, daily, through the White Rose scheme of work, incorporating NCETM Numberblocks approach where possible.

Mathematics is also evident through the continuous provision. There is a discrete mathematics area, which children can engage with and move concrete manipulatives to other areas as they wish, and they are encouraged to do so to extend learning.

There are mathematical opportunities in every area of the provision which are both adult and child led. One example of this is in the café where there were menus with prices, opening and closing times, money, different size cups for children to embed mathematical vocabulary and 4 cups, plates and forks to aid children’s 1:1 correspondence.

KS1 and KS2

In Key Stage 1 and 2 we are transitioning towards using the NCETM Covid Prioritisation materials, alongside the White Rose Scheme of learning, by September 2022, to plan and deliver lessons.

Children are given the opportunity to practice and develop their skills through concrete, pictorial and abstract challenges. Threaded through lessons are opportunities for children to be exposed to fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

Here’s what some of our children say about maths: (taken from a pupil voice Spring 2022)

  • “I love maths because it’s challenging. It’s quite hard but by the end of the lesson I usually get it!” – Layla, Year 2
  • “It’s lots of fun to give your brain some challenges” – Florence, Year 2
  • “Maths is my favourite subject! I think it’s really fun. I enjoy learning my times tables”- Tempi, Year 4
  • “Maths is so helpful for real life, for example going to a shop and having to add up change. I enjoy maths” – Will, Year 5