Church of England Primary School

Learning Languages

Giving children at Roecliffe a head start in languages and life – a whole-school approach


Early Years and Key Stage 1

We teach languages throughout the whole school at Roecliffe, starting in In Reception and Key Stage 1 where children are introduced to languages with Camembear. This friendly and mischievous teddy bear provides an entertaining way for children to interact with key French words and phrases, allowing them to absorb a new language when they’re at their most receptive, helping them to gain confidence and lead them towards an enjoyable and fun experience.

Key Stage 2

At Key Stage 2 we follow the North Yorkshire Scheme of Learning for French, which we compliment with a range of language enhacement activities throughout this important Key Stage:

Ways we enhance the teaching of languages at Roecliffe

Key Stage 2 Languages visit to France (3 days)   We plan that every other year there will be an opportunity to visit France, along with a neighbouring school, to visit a typical French village, make croissants at a boulangerie, visit a snail farm, and the favourite last time was the visit to the chocolate factory.

Year 3 & 4   Each year, Years 3 and 4 take part in the French Singing Concert, we learn a song and meet with other local schools and perform them in front of each other.Whilst we are there, we can enjoy a juice and biscuit snack which we order in French!

Year 5 Transition Afternoon   In the Summer Term, Year 5 pupils attend a transition event at Boroughbridge High School.  They take an active part in four different workshops led by staff and pupils at eth High School, This provides pupils with a valuable opportunity to experience Spanish as well as French, and to explore the opportunities at Key Stage 3.