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Learning Beyond the Classroom

At Roecliffe, we embrace opportunities to take our learning outside of the classroom, ensuring that children see the links between school and ‘real life’.

Take a look at some of our recent Learning beyond the Classroomopportunities…

Marrick Priory Photo Album


Harrogate Pump Museum

The Harrogate Royal Pump House Museum and The Mercer Art Gallery

The Children had a wonderful time in Harrogate. In the morning they made peg dolls, handled old toys and looked around the Pump House museum. Some of the toys we had learnt about in class and the children were keen to impress our guide with the facts they knew about why toys have changed over the years. It seemed the deep sea diver Action Man was the class favourite.

In the afternoon they explored The Mercer Art Gallery. There they discussed their favourite piece of artwork and then sketched them. They also did some portraits of each other. 


Marrick Priory November 2017

Our little email diary from Marrick Priory, our outdoor residential for Year 5 and 6.

Day 1, Monday 6 November 

Hello everyone!
We’ve arrived safely and very happy! Everyone had their lunch and found a bed they like for the week. (Beds to be made later!). Team games this afternoon, some natural leaders at Roecliffe, great listening skills (so far!) and some good problem solving skills coming forwards. More updates to follow… Mrs Dalton and Team Marrick

Day 2, Tuesday 7 November 

Morning from Marrick!! I think the best ‘first night’ we’ve had! All tucked up and asleep by 10.45pm! (This may not seem like a major achievement, but in residential terms, it is definitely a win).
So, everyone up at 7.15am, Sandwiches made, breakfast eaten – and plenty of it! Three courses – all set up for the morning.
The children are loving it, really loving it, heard lots of lovely comments about breakfast today, they all made their own sandwiches, all styled their own hair, all claim to have had a wash… those that haven’t should be sorted after a spot of canoeing! 🙂 Very proud, a great team of children, all ready for a busy and active day! Have a good day, the Marrick Team 

Day 2 (eve)

Not deterred by a spot of rain, every single pupil gave 100% – two groups completed the leap of faith today and one tomorrow – everyone has made it today! Amazing! They have loved all of the activities – including the evening abseil at which EVERYONE successfully abseiled out of the priory tower, some children really did overcome some serious doubts to tell themselves they could do it… and did! We have been wowed by their determination- you will be so proud to hear what they’ve been up to! Everyone has a few stories to share either trying something new, canoeing in the lake (it was freezing!), catching the trapeze for the leap of faith, getting a bullseye in archery, making the overhang in climbing, they all loved orienteering – lots of fun, and to see every single pupil come down the clock tower on abseil ropes was fantastic.

We were rewarded with a delicious roast dinner followed by apple crumble and custard… everyone has commented on how lovely the food is, so pleased to see them with such lovely manners and so helpful too when clearing up – everyone has negotiated a sweeping brush… some clearly for the first time!

Daily dorm inspections have been a general source of amusement – with everyone taking pride in keeping their beds tidy and and not one single lost item (yet!). The children have decided to stand by their beds whilst we ‘inspect’ and they salute… we will be encouraging them to continue this at home too!

A good bedtime story and biscuits in the common room have proven to be a hit, and we can’t believe how well they are sleeping! A dorm of 14 is no mean feat, but they have been brilliant… don’t listen to talk of sleepless sleepovers anymore – 11pm is officially ‘very late’ – and they all want their beauty sleep!

So, one very happy Marrick team, thriving on the challenges and relishing every moment. I bet you can’t wait to hear all about it first hand – they are buzzing with excitement and we know these are memories that will last a lifetime!

Day 3, Wednesday 8 November 

Morning everyone! We have a very happy camp this morning!!! A great night’s sleep for all. All going off to our different activities… a beautiful day for more adventures. Team Marrick!

Day 4, Thursday 9 November 

Dear Parents, A stunning backdrop for a beautiful day walking in the Yorkshire Dales. Our long walk was perfect! The children were 100% amazing! (Again!) just over 7 miles, up hill and down Dale! Laughing, singing, chatting and general enjoying each other’s company. I know what this is my favourite day!

We stopped at St Andrew’s church in Grinton and met with Rev Caroline for a little tour of the church, before the last couple of miles home. There has been no complaining and everyone has done so well to be out for the last six hours in the fresh air!

Now it’s tidying dorms and getting ready for the disco! The excitement levels are high!

I can’t tell you how proud we are of every one of them, they’ve pushed themselves on every activity, made the most of everything, made lovely friendships and everyone at the centre here has commented on their attitudes, determination and caring friendships.

We really are one very proud team here. See you all tomorrow,
Mrs Dalton and Team Marrick

Day 5, Friday 10 November

Home (after one final walk through the Dales, and a visit to the ice cream parlour!). See you at 3.30pm!