Church of England Primary School

Class 4

My Money Week

Class 4 have worked really hard to design and create Father’s Day gifts to sell. We decided to use wood to create cheese boards, coasters, key rings and book marks, using Mod Podge and a pyrography tool to decorate them. All the profits we made will be donated to charity.

Space DT

In DT, we have learnt about cams and the movements that these create. We used this knowledge to help us design and create a space themed cam toy.

Class 4 travel to space!

This half term we have been learning about space and have found out some fascinating facts! As part of our theme, we took part in a virtual reality tour around space.

Following our learning about shading and blending last half term, we applied our skills to chalk to help us create arts depicting space.

The children chose a planet to research and used this research to create non-chronological reports:

As part of our learning about space, we learnt the order of planets in the Solar System and created acronyms to help us to learn this.

Class 4 Stormbreaker reviews

Watch these videos to find out what some of the members of Class 4 thought of our class text, Stormbreaker by Anthony Horrowitz.

Class 4 Stormbreaker Prequels

We read Stormbreaker in guided reading and used this to inspire us to write a prequel to the story. Here are a few examples of the stories the children in Class 4 wrote.

Caitlin’s Stormbreaker

Chris’ Stormbreaker

Ottie’s Stormbreaker

Chloe’s Stormbreaker

George’s Stormbreaker

Cartoon Book Worm Stock Illustration - Download Image Now - iStockRecommended reads-

Here is a list of recommend books for children in Year 5 and 6. Maybe Santa might deliver a few of these to your houses!

Year 6        Year 5

Christmas Crafts

We created beautiful Christmas baubles, Christmas dinner place mats and some candle lanterns.

Santa’s sleighs

In DT, we designed sleighs for Father Christmas. We evaluated previous products, designed, created and evaluated our creations. We learnt lots of new skills such as sawing, using a glue gun and creating a working circuit which powered a motor. Here are our finished products:


French baking

We followed a French recipe to create French biscuits. They were delcious!

Remembrance day

We commemorated Remembrance Day by creating some poppy art work. We used the watercolour skills we developed last half term to produce some beautiful artwork.

Another way we commemorated Remembrance Day was by creating choral performances of ‘In Flanders Fields’ by John McCrae. We thought carefully about the tone, intonation, speed and volume we used when performing this poem.

We are writing in the style of journalists to report the disappearance of a child from a Victorian workhouse. In order to  help create quotes for our reports, we used drama to get into character as the different eye witnesses. Some of use would have been VERY scary Matrons and Masters of the workhouse!


We had a fantastic day at the Ripon Workhouse Museum! We got to try our hand at some of the different jobs the residents of the workhouse would have completed including: washing, scaring away birds from the crops, planting seeds, rag rugging and school work in the school room. We also had the opportunity to get into role as a sponsor of the workhouse and help decide who should be allowed in and who should be turned away.

Autumn 1

In Class 4 French lessons we have been asking ‘ how many?’ questions and answering these in French. Take a look at our videos.



In art today we painted our own versions of Rousseau’s ‘SURPRISE’

We have also created colour wheels and sketched ‘Art in Nature’



We used these skills to create our art based on Surprised by Henri Rousseau.

Find out amazing facts about how metamorphosis takes place in rainforest creatures!

Did you know that stag beetle larvae live under the ground for 4-7 years?

Or that dragonflies’ eyes take up half the space of their head?

Or that a mother spider creates a sack around her hundreds of eggs?

Or that a young frog absorbs its tail as food?



Click the first photo below to start the picture gallery from our lesson this afternoon.