Church of England Primary School

Class 4


Welcome to Class 4.

Here is the Motto we came up with last week.

In class 4 we can be anything, because….

We are always respectful and kind. We listen and learn from our mistakes.  

Year 6 have been helping Class 1 at lunchtime.

…and of course learning


Week 4 

We have been learning together and also ‘buddy reading’ with Class 2.

Learning together







Everyone was very resilient and determined at cross country well done to everyone !

Week 5

This week it was National Poetry Day, Class 4 all wrote a Monster Kenning, using a monster they created for inspiration. Here are three Kennings  by Sam, Toby and Bea.

Monster poem Toby

Monster poem Sam

Monster Poem Bea

We have also been immersing ourselves in the story of Beowulf. Here some photos of the freeze frames and hot seating activities we did this week.


Week 6 – Mental Health and Well-being Awareness Week

This week, alongside our normal curriculum, we have been thinking about keeping our minds healthy and strong.

The children did very well in the local Touch Rugby Tournament winning GOLD and BRONZE medals. A special mention to Sydney, who won a prize for ‘sportsmanship’ and Elliot, who won a prize for best boy player.


Below is some super Anglo – Saxon scratch art from George and Thad.


Week 7

This week Class 4 visited the Ripon Food Bank. They were able to gain a better understanding of how the Food Bank works and who it helps. We were very proud of all the children, who were polite, articulate and interested in the process and need for the Bank.