Church of England Primary School

Class 2

Class 2

Learning from Home

The children have been working so hard the past two weeks, they have been using google classroom and have been enjoying sharing their work with myself and the class. I thought it would be nice to continue to post the children’s work on our class page so the whole school can see what we have been up to!


Click the links to see the children’s published poems.

A Scary Situation

The Dream (1)

Hot and Cold Places-

Look at the pictures and click the links to see the children’s posters and presentations.

Hot continents and animals

Cayman Islands

Presentation Africa

Sports Relief

The children really enjoyed running half a mile for sports relief!


Geography- Hot and Cold Places

This week we have been learning about the 7 different continents and 6 different oceans and have been exploring why some places are hotter than others. We enjoyed listening to a song that helped to teach us about the world.

English- Fantasy Stories

This week we have begun to explore a range of fantasy stories, including Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. We have thought carefully about what makes them a fantasy story (characters/ setting/ events) and have retold the stories using different freeze frames and speech.

Peter Pan


Peter Pan


Alice in Wonderland

Art- Patterns and Texture using collage

The children spent last term looking at creating patterns and texture using collage. We began by looking at a range of artists from around the world and thought carefully about their style and our own preferences. We then explored the different strategies for collage to get the effect we wished for. The children then planned, created and evaluated their collages of weather and were keen to share them with others. They are currently being celebrated in our classroom on our art display.

Flat Stanley

In group reading we began a new story called ‘Flat Stanley’. We spent a lot of time thinking about the book and making predictions. After we read the first chapter, we thought of our own questions about the story.

PSHE- My Healthy Lifestyle

This week we have begun our new PHSE topic called my healthy lifestyle. We found out that there are two types of health; physical and mental and have come up with 5 ways to support our healthy lifestyle.

DT- 3D Modelling

The children have enjoyed their DT lessons. The children have been exploring different hedgehog houses, thinking carefully about different materials and strategies to make their house stable. They have spent time designing their house and have built their houses using natural materials.

English- Invitations

The children have started their new topic of invitations. They have been exploring the purpose of an invitation and when you would use them.

Anti-Bullying Week

As part of our anti-bullying week, the children made posters to share awareness about bullying and how to stop it.


History- John Metcalf ‘Blind Jack’

We have started our history topic by doing our own research on him using the internet.

Traditional Tales

We have started our topic of traditional tales. We have enjoyed reading different tales that are also very familiar to us. We have found out what makes a story a traditional tale; they have similar beginnings, characters and settings, they often have a repeated phrase and a moral to the tale.

Quirk’s Christening

The children enjoyed taking Quirk to Roecliffe church to have him christened. They were able to find out about the importance of a christening and what one looks like.


Minskip Farm Shop Trip and Harvest Service Performance

On Monday 14th October, Class 1 and 2 went on a school trip to Minskip farm shop, we would love to share our trip with you. On our trip we learnt about the different animals and their importance and the planting, growing and picking process of vegetables. It all begins with a seed, the seeds are planted in their vegetable patch. Then the farmer looks after the seed by watering it and making sure it is protected from weeds and has room to grow. Once the vegetables have grown they are harvested and cleaned, ready to be bought in the farm shop. But they don’t just have vegetables there! The animals are just as important. Minskip farm have over 6000 chickens who have lots of land to roam around. They also have alpacas, these protect the chickens from any foxes. They also have goats which enjoy munching on the grass! They help to keep the grass short! All of this supports our local farm shop and their farmers to provide us with good quality food. But don’t forget the very muddy pigs! The pigs get all the vegetables that can’t be sold so there is no food wasted.

We loved our trip to Minskip Farm!

Mental Health Week

This week we have been learning about our own and other’s mental health. We have looked at how our mental health can dip sometimes but that there are many ways we can try to make our mental health better. This week we have tried colouring, yoga, meditation, talking about feelings and keeping active.

National Poetry Day

On Thursday the children enjoyed reading a range of poems and even had a go at writing their own. We also rehearsed a short poem with actions which we were able to share at collective worship!

History- The Great Fire of London

Our topic this term is the Great Fire of London. The children are finding the Great Fire of London interesting and are enjoying sharing their knowledge from ‘horrible histories’! This week the children have made their own puppets and retold the events of the Great Fire of London. The children have also been bringing their learning home by writing recounts of the Great Fire of London.


This week we have started our new English topic. We are looking at stories with a familiar setting and finding out what a good story needs, including a setting and characters! The children are finding out about different sentence types and thinking about what punctuation is needed.


The children have been developing their knowledge of number and place value. They have been using objects, pictures and numbers to show the different ways the tens and ones of a two digit number can be represented.


The children have enjoyed having Mrs Taylor teaching their PE lessons on a Thursday. They have been developing their ball skills, looking at how to pass and catch a ball successfully.

Computing- Chromebooks

The children were very excited about our new interactive whiteboard and google chromebooks. We spent some time on Friday discussing safety, practising to log in and playing reading games as a team ensuring we work together and share.

PSHE- Friendship

Last week (WC: 02.09.19) we spent a lot of time exploring how to be a good friend towards others. The children worked together to make posters and enjoyed sharing them with the class using examples of when they were a good friend.

The children have been very welcoming and have enjoyed their first two weeks of school, including their transition into their new year groups. Our theme this half term is ‘A walk through London’, we will be exploring stories with familiar settings, discovering the history of the Great Fire of London and using our knowledge of art to recreate what the fire might have looked like.


This week’s Writer of the Week is Toby