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This week we have started our new English topic. We are looking at stories with a familiar setting and finding out what a good story needs, including a setting and characters!



The children have been developing their knowledge of number and place value. They have been using objects, pictures and numbers to show the different ways the tens and ones of a two digit number can be represented.


The children have enjoyed having Mrs Taylor teaching their PE lessons on a Thursday. They have been developing their ball skills, looking at how to pass and catch a ball successfully.

Computing- Chromebooks

The children were very excited about our new interactive whiteboard and google chromebooks. We spent some time on Friday discussing safety, practising to log in and playing reading games as a team ensuring we work together and share.

PSHE- Friendship

Last week (WC: 02.09.19) we spent a lot of time exploring how to be a good friend towards others. The children worked together to make posters and enjoyed sharing them with the class using examples of when they were a good friend.

The children have been very welcoming and have enjoyed their first two weeks of school, including their transition into their new year groups. Our theme this half term is ‘A walk through London’, we will be exploring stories with familiar settings, discovering the history of the Great Fire of London and using our knowledge of art to recreate what the fire might have looked like.