Church of England Primary School

Class 1

Doctors and Nurses

This week we have been learning about people who keep us healthy. We have discussed that there are lots of different people who help to keep us healthy such as our families, the dentists, hospitals, doctors and nurses, teachers, paramedics, first aider etc. The children have had a very busy week especially in the doctors surgery role play. They have been answering emergency phone calls, creating new medicines, writing prescriptions, wrapping bandages on their friends and stitching up cuts.

Mrs Chapman was a nurse before she started teaching, therefore, she told the children about all the different medical equipment you might find in a hospital or doctors. She even gave us a little demonstration too!

Snow and Pancakes

What a fun way to start our first week back after half term. The children had great fun outside in the snow making snowmen, snowballs, writing their names, making snow angels and slush puppy drinks. We also had a very yummy snack time on Tuesday as it was pancake day. We discussed why we celebrate Shrove Tuesday and we also discussed having a balanced diet and which parts of our snack were more healthy then other parts.

Spring 2

Our new topic is ‘People who help us’. At the end of spring 1 we asked the children what they would like to learn about. A lot of the children asked to learn about doctors and firefighters. Therefore, over the next few weeks we will be learning about people who keep us healthy and safe, people who help our community and also how we can help our community.

Road safety Week

To finish off our ‘Transport’ topic we looked at cars and how we can stay safe on the road. We made a very busy road in our outdoor area. The children one at a time had to cross the road using the zebra crossing. Before the children could cross they had to Stop, Look both ways and Listen. All of the children were able to safely cross the road and therefore they were all awarded their Road Safety Certificates. Well done Class 1

Water Transport Week

This week we were focusing on water transport with a particular focus on transport that floats on the water and transport that sinks underneath the water. The children have experimented many different materials in order to build a boat that would float. The children have also been experimenting which objects sink and which objects float as well as testing how many objects it takes to sink our boats. We then watched videos of submarines underwater. The children really enjoyed see all the different forms of life that live deep down in our oceans.

Chinese New Year

The children got stuck in this week with lots of different Chinese New Year activities. We learnt about the Big Race Day and why each year is named after a different animal. We also learnt about the many different traditions that surround the celebration of Chinese New Year.

Space Week

This week our focus transport has been ‘Space Rockets’. The week started with a visit from York University. They brought a space dome which we went inside and learnt all about the different constellations in the night sky. We discussed that we only see stars at night because during the day the sun is much brighter than the stars. We also discussed the eight planets in our solar system, which is in The Milky Way Galaxy. The children were amazed by this experience!

The children have loved playing in the ‘spaceship’ role play area.

On Thursday a UFO crash landed in our outdoor area. The children followed the clues to find the spaceship. The police wrote us a letter asking for our help. We made wanted posters and alien models out of play dough to show the police what aliens look like in order for the police to find them!

On Friday we had a special visit from an amazing artist who helped us make beautiful planets out of polystyrene balls and marble paint. 


Aeroplane Week 

This week our transport focus was aeroplanes. We have discussed why we need them, where we might go in them and the order in which we do things at the airport. 

The children have spent all week building aeroplanes using a wide range or resources such as Lego, Duplo, wooden pegs and lolly pop sticks. We have also made our own suitcases using our fine motor skills to cut out items of clothing we need to suit the weather that our destination has.The children have done a great job at writing their own boarding passes and passports. 


Our role play area turned into a Travel Agents.  Its was wonderful to listen to the children communication and language skills as well as witnessing their brilliant imaginations come to life whilst playing with each other.

All week we prepared for our big flight on Friday. The children checked their luggage in, showed their passports and collected their boarding pass at the check in desk. They were very good at waiting patiently. Next they went through security and finally they boarded the plane. The safety procedure video was played and before we knew it the plane had taken off. After a short while the on board flight service started and the children had their snack on the aeroplane (Mrs Chapman is a fabulous air hostess). After some on board entertainment it was time to land. This time the children watched a video from the pilots deck and were fascinated by how many buttons the pilots have to know and press.


Spring 1

After a lovely Christmas break Class 1 are back with a brand new topic ‘Transport‘. We have chosen this topic because the children in Class 1 are very passionate about building and creating different modes of transport so therefore we have decided to learn more about what we are building. 

Autumn 1

Welcome to Class 1 with Miss Barron and Mrs Chapman. On here we will be sharing some of the exciting things that the children get up to throughout the term.

Our topic this half term is ‘All About Me’. This week we have been discussing our facial parts and what we use them for. We used play dough, buttons, string and sticks to make faces in our outdoor area.The children did an amazing job and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Every child is an artist.
-Pablo Picasso


In the first few weeks of September the children have been getting to know one another and the routines of our school day. They have also been exploring the different areas of provision in both our indoor classroom and our outdoor area.


After spending weeks learning about our body parts,  different senses, comparing our families and discussing the different emotions we feel we decided it is fantastic to be us and it is okay to be different 🙂


Talking about our emotions led nicely into World Mental Health Day. After having a discussion on the importance of finding ways to balance out our emotions, we decided to make a ‘Jar of Happiness’.



Our topic in Class 1 has moved on to ‘Autumn’ because the children noticed the leaves were changing colour and they wanted to learn why. We have been very busy making beautiful Autumn pictures and making dens for animals to hibernate in.



Harvest Festival 

The children have been discussing what we celebrate during Autumn such as Harvest Festival. We now know that Harvest Festival is the celebration of the food that we have grown and harvested. We were lucky enough to visit Minskip Farm to see how a local farm grows and harvests foods so that they can then be sold in the shop (and of course we got to see the animals too!!)

Numberblocks Maths 

The children have been developing strong concepts of numbers 1-3 over this half term. We have been watching Numberblocks which the children LOVE. The idea is to look at each number in  great depth. For Example, we are not just looking at the number three but looking at the different ways we make three, three o’clock, shapes that have 3 sides, coins that add up to 3, 1 more and 1 fewer than 3.



Spooky Week 

In our last week of the half term we have been reading ‘Pumpkin soup’. We have made pumpkin soup (yuck!), designed our own pumpkins, built spooky castles, made spooky patterns and spooky monsters. It has been a very scary week for Miss Barron and Mrs Chapman!


After a lovely half term off, we are fully back into the swing of things here in Class 1 with our brand new topic ‘Festivals and Celebrations’.

Autumn 2

Remember Remember The 5th Of November……

This week we have been discussing why we celebrate Bonfire Night.




Remembrance Day 

In Class 1 we discussed that we wear red and purple poppies in order to remember all the people and animals who lost their lives during the war.

Tricky Teddies Birthday Week 

We have been learning all about Birthdays! When we celebrate them, why we celebrate them, how we celebrate them.  We have been very busy writing birthday messages, invitations and birthday cards. We have also discussed the months of the year and when all of our birthdays are. We have compared how different countries celebrate their birthdays too. For example, in China, the birthday child’s family will wear red and eat red things and the birthday child has to slurp noodles without biting it in order to live a long and healthy life. In Denmark, the families hang the national flag out the window and the mums and dads place present around the birthday child’s bed while they sleep.

Baby Billy’s Christening

In RE, we have been learning about Christenings. We were lucky enough on Wednesday to go across to the church with our baby ‘Billie’ and meet Reverend Karen who christened baby Billy for us. Thank you Reverend Karen!

This week’s writer of the week is Louie 

The Grand Wedding 

We have been learning about weddings. We decided that our teddies were going to get married on the Friday. The children spent all week preparing for the wedding by writing invitation and guest lists, designing outfits and wedding cakes, making cards, wrapping wedding gifts and painting flowers.

The big day finally arrived……

The groom arrived with best man Oliver, looking happy but nervous.
We awaited the arrival of the flower girls who did a great job of spreading the petals.
Next, the bridesmaids arrived, slightly late as Miss Beary was having technical issues with her veil.
Finally the moment arrived, Miss Beary pulled up in her Bentley car and looked beautiful in her veil as a proud dad walked her down the isle.
The vows were exchanged, the rings were put on and after a brief blessing from the priest, the happy couple were married.
The ceremony concluded with the guests throwing confetti over the newly weds and lots of laughter and giggles as we played in it.

The children did an amazing job acting out the wedding of Tricky Teddy and Miss Beary.

This week’s writer of the week is Florence



The Mud Kitchen Grand Opening

Class 1 celebrated the opening of their wonderful new Mud Kitchen that has kindly been donated by Kirkby Joinery.

Our Cheeky Christmas ‘Elfie’ arrived this week causing all sorts of chaos!


This week’s writer of the week is Fern