Church of England Primary School

Class 1

Welcome to Class 1 with Miss Barron and Mrs Chapman. On here we will be sharing some of the exciting things that the children get up to throughout the term.

Our topic this half term is ‘All About Me’. This week we have been discussing our facial parts and what we use them for. We used play dough, buttons, string and sticks to make faces in our outdoor area.The children did an amazing job and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

Every child is an artist.
-Pablo Picasso


In the first few weeks of September the children have been getting to know one another and the routines of our school day. They have also been exploring the different areas of provision in both our indoor classroom and our outdoor area.


After spending weeks learning about our body parts,  different senses, comparing our families and discussing the different emotions we feel we decided it is fantastic to be us and it is okay to be different 🙂


Talking about our emotions led nicely into World Mental Health Day. After having a discussion on the importance of finding ways to balance out our emotions, we decided to make a ‘Jar of Happiness’.



Our topic in Class 1 has moved on to ‘Autumn’ because the children noticed the leaves were changing colour and they wanted to learn why. We have been very busy making beautiful Autumn pictures and making dens for animals to hibernate in.



Harvest Festival 

The children have been discussing what we celebrate during Autumn such as Harvest Festival. We now know that Harvest Festival is the celebration of the food that we have grown and harvested. We were lucky enough to visit Minskip Farm to see how a local farm grows and harvests foods so that they can then be sold in the shop (and of course we got to see the animals too!!)

Numberblocks Maths 

The children have been developing strong concepts of numbers 1-3 over this half term. We have been watching Numberblocks which the children LOVE. The idea is to look at each number in  great depth. For Example, we are not just looking at the number three but looking at the different ways we make three, three o’clock, shapes that have 3 sides, coins that add up to 3, 1 more and 1 fewer than 3.



Spooky Week 

In our last week of the half term we have been reading ‘Pumpkin soup’. We have made pumpkin soup (yuck!), designed our own pumpkins, built spooky castles, made spooky patterns and spooky monsters. It has been a very scary week for Miss Barron and Mrs Chapman!


Remember Remember The 5th Of November……

This week we have been discussing why we celebrate Bonfire Night.