Church of England Primary School

Visions & Values

Our school vision statement

Faith, Courage, Love

Faith to move forward in confidence and succeed.

Courage to make a difference in the world every day.

Love one another as God loves us.


Our school values

In Autumn 1 we will develop a greater understanding of what our vision statement means and how it plays out in our lives. In Autumn 2 we will develop our understanding of the value ‘Compassion’ and how being compassionate towards others supports our relationships and understanding of others’ feelings and actions.

In the spring term and summer terms we will ask our families to choose the four values which they feel are the most pertinent to their child and the family at that point in their lives. The list of values to choose from is – Respect, Truthfulness, Courage, Peace, Trust, Perseverance, Humility, Generosity, Hope, Forgiveness, Thankfulness, Justice, Compassion and Friendship. When the four values for spring and summer term have been chosen by our families, we will support the children to develop their understanding of these values in school.