Church of England Primary School

School Day


Collection and drop-off point

Drop-off time

Collection time

Class 1

Double gate at the Green (this access/exit gate was used in the summer term)



Class 2

Double gate at the bottom of the playground



Class 3 + 4

Single pedestrian gate from the layby on to the playground



We understand that some parents may need to drop off at more than one gate in the mornings, gates will be open from 8:45-8:50am. Staff will, of course, wait with your child at 3.30pm pickup time at the relevant exit point/gate if you have more than one child to collect.

Car Parking & “one way system”

We would like to communicate to all parents, old and new, the procedures for parking and collecting/dropping off children at school. Parking is only permitted on the village green where the additional grass protectors are installed to the left of the village green as you look at the school. Under no circumstances should cars be parking directly on the village green or be parked in a way that blocks residents drives. We would also like to remind everyone that the speed limit in the village is 30mph.

To help with congestion we ask that parents use a one way system round the village green. As you look at the school from the bottom of the green cars should travel in a clockwise direction around the green. Although there is no formal written rule regarding this it does help prevent the roads becoming blocked.

We kindly ask parents to follow these simple rules to ensure the safety of all children in school.

Locking of School Gates

All gates to the school site will be locked at 8:50 every morning and will re-open at 3.30pm, this is to ensure the safety of all our children. If you need access to school between these hours please contact the school office on 01423 322302.