Roboodles (Before/After School Club)


Parents, Guardians and Carers

As parents of school age children, we understand the pressures of juggling school runs and getting to/leaving work on time/finding that minutes peace to get your life in order.

How can we help you?

Under our Roboodles umbrella, we run 2 clubs; ‘Rise & Shine Roboodles’ breakfast club and ‘Movers & Makers Roboodles’ after school club.

We are enhanced DBS checked, qualified in Paediatric First Aid and have full public liability insurance.

Available Monday to Friday, term time only for children of Reception age and above.

Rise & Shine Roboodles

Permanent Booking

Ad Hoc Booking

Full AM Session

07:30 - 08:55

 £                   8.00

 £                  9.50

Part AM Session

08:15 - 08:55

 £                   4.00

 £                  5.00

Children are offered a selection of cereals, toast, fruit loaf and fruit, over 2 sittings (The first at 07:50, the second at 08:20). We encourage relaxed play though traditional games, lego building and colouring.











Movers & Makers Roboodles

Permanent Booking

Ad Hoc Booking

Full PM Session*

15:35 - 17:30

 £                   8.50

 £                10.00

Part PM Session*

15:35 - 17:00

 £                   6.00

 £                  7.50

After a light snack and a drink, we deliver a fun and active ‘Get Moving’ session. The session concentrates on practicing teamwork and coordination through organised physical activities.

The ‘Makers’ session proceeds the ‘Movers’. In this time we deliver adult led craftworks, according to our seasonal activity planner. We focus on creativity and resourcefulness through fun and varied projects.




 *Parents do not have to wait until our official finish time to collect a child. You can collect any time before this if required (if we are in the middle of a craft activity, this can be saved until the next time your child attends).

Our designated space is the School Hall (and in addition – the village green, playground & occasionally, classrooms)

Access is through the main School door, using the Roboodles doorbell (its white/ clearly labelled and is positioned on the doorframe)

For more information and to register your interest (limited places available), please contact Roboodles via:


Phone   07881 055521


Kind Regards, Claire Bennett & Lianne Conroy


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