Inspection Reports

November 2013 CLICK HERE for a copy of the report. Summary Findings below:

This is a good school.

  • Good teaching overall with some that is outstanding means that pupils’ attainment in reading, writing and mathematics is high and the their progress in English and mathematics is good over time.
  • Leaders enable pupils to experience a rich and exciting range of subjects and other learning experiences.
  • Behaviour is outstanding with pupils displaying very strong attitudes to learning.
  • The school enjoys positive relationships with parents, and pupils say they enjoy and are proud of their school, demonstrated by their excellent attendance.
  • Very strong teaching and very helpful support sessions for the youngest pupils in phonics (linking letters with the sounds they make) enables them to achieve well in the phonics screen check and to have good standards of reading for their age. There is also rapidly improving progress of the youngest pupils in their reading.
  • Children in reception make excellent progress. They enjoy a wide range of outdoor and indoor activities which engage and stimulate them and enable them to lead their own learning on a regular basis.
  • The governors support and challenge the leaders in the school and, as such, have a firm understanding of what is already being done well and where.

Previous Inspection Reports

CLICK HERE to download the January 2012 Interim Assessment
CLICK HERE to download the November 2008 Ofsted Report


Parent View

Parent View gives you the chance to tell us what you think about your child’s school. Parents/carers are asked to record their view for the following 12 questions, by stating either ‘strongly agree’, ‘agree’, ‘disagree’, ‘strongly disagree’ or ‘don’t know’:

 • My child is happy at this school

• My child feels safe at this school

• My child makes good progress at this school

• My child is well looked after at this school

• My child is taught well at this school

• My child receives appropriate homework for their age

• This school ensures the pupils are well behaved

• This school deals effectively with bullying

• This school is well led and managed

• This school responds well to any concern I raise

• I receive valuable information from the school about my child’s progress

• I would recommend this school to another parent

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