Have a look at our photographs showing a tiny portion of the many things we do in school to learn about Personal, Social and Health Education.  Starting with our  fathers Day lunch, and sports day celebrating different families as well as  a whole school theatre trip for our social skills and personal development.  Also are pictures from class trips, from walking around the green learning about our local community, to trips to learn about healthy teeth and ways to look after ourselves.  Also pictures from the fair trade conference learning about the wider world and global education as well as photographs form our anti-bullying day.

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) at Roecliffe

We are very proud of our PSHE curriculum at Roecliffe.  All the children grow up to be active participants in school life with many exciting opportunities to explore feelings and ideas and to develop a true sense of personal well-being for every child in school.  From the very day they start to the day they leave, children at Roecliffe are nurtured and held at the centre of everything we do.  They are encouraged to challenge themselves and each other in their work and their play and they strive to be the very best they can be.

Below you can see what our school curriculum is for PSHE by clicking on each class.  

Years 1 and 2 (Class 2)

Years 3 and 4 (Class 3)

Years 5 and 6 (Class 4)

Class One is missing from this list  as they follow the Early Years curriculum, please see the Class One page for more information about Early Years.

PSHE at Roecliffe School ~ What we do that's unique to us.

Class One - The littlest children in school are a big part of the whole school family.  They learn to be part of this family by having a Year 6 buddy each.  They look up to their buddies and follow their examples of caring for each other, being helpful and kind and showing respect for others.

In Class One the children take part in special event days usually linked to their theme such as Grandparents' day, Traditional tales day, Diwali day.  They also take part in school trips, welly walks, camping days, the nativity, church services, class Collective Worships, and welcome any visitors into school such as firefighters or hopefully soon . . . Opera singers!

Class Two - Moving into Key Stage 1 means a little more involvement.  Children in this class are eligible to be on the school council, they can be nominated by their class mates and become a member of this amazing group of youngsters who decide a wide variety of things for the school such as what things they would like on the dinner menu, what equipment they may have at play times and they also are an important part of any interviews that take pace in school as they have their own time to ask questions too.  

In Class they have a Day Camp in the summer term, involving eating bugs, cooking on fires and generally building confidence and resilience. 

Class Three - Things step up again in Class 3.  There is an over night camp, under canvas on the village green.  This is a perfect way to develop confidence.  For some children it's their first night away from home and some are a little nervous.  But we love to see the children blossom and grow as they realise they can do it and can be independent and strong.

In the past, children in Class 3 have also gone away to France for 2 nights, they take art in may sporting events away from school as well as their own class trips and special days in school from Roman days, to European days.

Class Four - This is the oldest class in school and the children are given more responsibility to look after themselves and other children in school  Year 6 children have a buddy from Class One and they are expected to help them with a number of different things from helping them cut up their lunch to putting their coat on at playtime.  The Year 6 children rise to the challenge year after year and are a credit to the school and to their little buddies.

Class 4 have a weeks long residential every other year, to one of the well know outward bound centres such as Marrick Priory where they take part in canoeing, gorge scrambling, high ropes, hiking, trails, eating outdoors and much much more.  The children always come back full of beans and lively tales about who fell in the lake and who snores!!

Please feel free to explore other pages on the website where you will get a real feel for our PSHE curriculum through other subjects.

Mrs Juliette Leyland, PSHE subject leader


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