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Dear Parents, Grandparents and children 

Welcome back to everyone after a very busy Christmas.  It is wonderful to see the children again and we have got the year off to a fantastic start.  Our theme this term is two-fold: safety and superheroes. Themes including staying safe, people who help us keep safe (our very own superheroes)  and what to do if things go wrong. The children will create their own superheroes and making up stories and adventures about them.  To see our theme grid click here.

We have many things planned this term from a winter walk to a superhero day and a school trip.  We have already had a safety workshop which taught the children a little about e-safety and have made superheroes for the class wall.

I am really looking forward to the up coming term and seeing how much the children will learn.

Mrs Leyland (Early Years teacher)

Here are some pictures from our Autumn walk, Christmas and our Traditional Tales day.

Children in Class 1 have fun and learn at the same time – this is what makes them so happy to come to school each day. The children learn through activities either that they choose themselves or through small group teaching with the class teacher, Mrs Leyland, or one of the teaching assistants who support learning in Class 1. We have an amazing outdoor classroom which the children love and that we use each day.


The children follow a different curriculum to the rest of the school – The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) which covers 7 areas of learning. The three prime areas of learning area:

  1. Communication and language to develop children’s language skills through an environment rich in communication and talk, and to enable children to listen and express ideas in a range of situations.
  2. Physical development – to develop children’s movement skills,  both small and large, with hands on - physically challenging activities. To devlop a positive attitude about appropriate food and lifestyle choices
  3. Personal Social and Emotional Development – To form happy relationships and allow children to be themselves and to gain in confidence, as well as learning to play fairly and to work as part of a group. 

There are also four specific areas:

  1. Literacy – Learning to link sounds and letters and to start to read and write
  2. Mathematics – Provides children with opportunities to learn skills regarding number, counting, adding and subtraction through fun activities, and exploring the world of space, shape and measures.
  3. Understanding the World – Encourages children to make sense of their  world through learning about people, technology, places and the environment.
  4. Expressive arts and design –Children are enabled to explore ideas using art, music, movement, creating things and using their imaginations.

We would LOVE parents to come in and read a story to one, some,or all of the children at any time, it has such a positive impact on them. If you’re daunted by a big group, you can read a story with just three children sitting on the floor with you and you can bring little ones in too. It’s also lovely to have parents or grandparents in to school to listen to the children read their reading books too.

Homework is given out on Fridays to be returned the following Tuesday, but please don’t panic, it is structured to engage the children and involve the whole family in their learning, examples are creating a collage, finding spring things in the garden, or drawing a picture of an animal they like.




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